2017 Youth Award Winners

State and national Youth Awards were announced at a recent state garden club convention. The National Garden Clubs and their affiliate organizations offer educational contests for children at the pre-school, elementary, middle and high school levels. The First-Place winners of the Bar Harbor Garden Club (BHGC) competitions went on to compete within the Garden Club Federation of Maine (GCFM), New England Region (NER) and National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC).

Callan Eason (6th grader) won both state & regional First-Place awards, and a national Certificate of Commendation for her sculpture entry. We had three students win both state and regional First-Place Poetry contests: Taylor Ehrlich (3rd grader), Peyton Mae Hanson (1st grader) and Danny Mobraaten (4th grader).

—BHGC Youth Activities, Co-Chairs are Pam Bowie and Cheryl Bowers.

Poetry Winners

FIRST-PLACE WINNER OF GCFM & NER POETRY: Taylor Ehrlich (3rd grader at Community School of Mount Desert) is presented with award by Pam Bowie, Youth Activity Co-Chair.

FIRST-PLACE WINNER OF GCFM & NER POETRY: Peyton Mae Hanson (1st grader at Trenton Elementary School) is presented with award by Pam Bowie, Youth Activity Co-Chair.

Winning Poems

FIRST-PLACE WINNER OF GCFM & NER POETRY: Danny Mobraaten is a 4th grader who lives in CA. He is the grandson of Phyllis Mobraaten, a BHGC member.

My Garden
I walk into the beautiful garden.
With flowers, bees and butterflies all around me.
The happy breeze is twirling with delight,
And the sun gives a warning welcome.
As I walk further into the garden,
The smell of lavender and blooms fills my soul with joy,
But when I go I’ll always remember my garden.
—By Taylor Ehrlich, 3rd Grader

Spring Haiku
Butterflies and bees
Are now flying in the trees
I hear sounds of spring.
—By Danny Mobraaten, 4th Grader

Butterflies, Bees, and Me
I Love You, Bees!
Bees, bees, they are sweet.
They help make plants.
I plant the seeds and together we make plants.
I love you, bees.
Bees, bees, don’t sting me.
—By Peyton Mae Hanson, 1st Grader

Winning Sculpture

YOUTH SCULPTURE CONTEST: The winners are all 6th grade students of Mount Desert Elementary School. Left to right: The First-Place GCFM & NER winner is Callan Eason. BHGC Honorable Mention Awards went to Jolie Deal, Julia Strauss and Caroline McKenna.

My sculpture represents the importance of protecting our environment. This shows a mother feeding her two babies. By protecting the environment, birds can have a safe place to raise their young.
—By Callan Eason

Winning Posters

POSTER CONTEST: The 5th grade winners are all students from Conners Emerson School. Left to right: Haley Smeal (BHGC Honorable Mention), Elle Yarborough (GCFM First-Place), Bailey Fitzpatrick (BHGC Honorable Mention).

WOODSY OWL POSTER: By Elle Yarborough (GCFM First-Place, 5th grade)

POSTER CONTEST: The 3rd grade winners are all students at Pemetic Elementary School. Left to right: Benjamin Ingram (BHGC Honorable Mention), Bos Lisy (BHGC Honorable Mention), Katie Dow (GCFM First-Place), Michaela Miller (BHGC Honorable Mention).

SMOKEY BEAR POSTER: By Katie Dow (GCFM First-Place, 3rd grade)


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