Garden Club Visits Downeast Horizons Children and Adult Programs – 2023

The Bar Harbor Garden Club Youth Activities Committee visited the Downeast Horizons (DEH) Children’s Program in Ellsworth to present a gardening activity for the participants. Each child decorated a pot and selected a flower to plant for someone special in celebration of Mother’s Day.

DEH, a local non-profit agency, supports and assists children and adults with developmental disabilities to live complete and fulfilling lives. The children who participate in the program come from MDI, Ellsworth, and the surrounding communities.

Jackson Benningfield holding his painted pot he created.

Rylie Kroll sharing his painted pot and flower for his mom.

Thomas Campbell working with Sage Roling, his Behavioral Health Professional, painting his pot.

—Article and Photos by Pam Bowie and Cheryl Bowers, BHGC Youth Activities

The BHGC also visited the DEH Adult Program at the MDI center where seven clients enthusiastically participated in the activity.
Enjoy the following pictures!

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