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Poster-2011-ArtBar Harbor Garden Club Presents
” A Tour of “Fine Island Gardens ”

Saturday, July 20, 2019 from 10 AM to 4 PM
~~ Rain or Shine ~~

Preview Our Gardens

The public is invited to shop at our outdoor Marketplace located at the Northeast Harbor Marina, on-the-green of Harbor Drive. Here garden tour tickets may be purchased, and twenty vendors and artists will be selling their products and crafts—15% of merchandise sales will be donated to local non-profits. Entrance to this market will NOT require a ticket.

Cove Garden

Cove Garden looks out onto Conner Cove. The house was originally the carriage house for the big house on Fernald Cove facing the entrance to Somes Sound.

As you approach the property, the largest area of the garden is a long border of annuals and perennials that faces the front of the house and is backed by a strip of trees and Connor Point Road. Some of the taller perennials include delphinium, thalictrum, ligularia, and eupatorium. There are also rugosa roses, lilies, astilbe and day lilies. The annuals usually include Chinese Forget-Me-Nots which self sow, a wide variety of nicotianas, cleome, impatiens, and begonias.

Other areas of the garden include a tall trellis for clematis, and five stone block edged, raised beds that back up to the house and deck, that have lilies, phlox, Japanese anemones and a few assorted other flowers. There is also an area behind the house with a variety of ferns and small native evergreens with several Lunaform lily bowls and paths mulched with pine needles.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Contact Us Garden Tour INFO: (207) 288-0483
Website: We sure do love our Gardens . . .