Youth Award Winners 2020 – 2021

The Bar Harbor Garden Club (BHGC), a member of the Garden Club Federation of Maine, has announced the 2020-2021 State of Maine, Regional and National Youth Award winners.


Pemetic Elementary School Third Grader Recognized for her Woodsy Owl Poster.

Lucinda Lester, a third-grade student in Ms. Susan Raven’s class at the Pemetic Elementary School, is holding her winning Woodsy Owl poster. Lucinda won First Place in the local Bar Harbor Garden Club contest, First Place for the Garden Club Federation of Maine (state level) and also Third Place in the New England Garden Clubs region.

This year’s contest is dedicated to Woodsy Owl’s 50th birthday. Woodsy Owl is America’s icon for the conservation of the environment through recycling, reusing, and reducing waste; planting and caring for trees; using our resources wisely; and not littering. Lucinda shared Woodsy’s special theme, “Lend a Hand, Save the Land” in her poster. The national contest is open for children in first through fifth grade.



Trenton Elementary Students Shine in Creativity!

Ms. Kristen Braun’s first grade class participates each year in the Youth Poetry Contest sponsored by the Bar Harbor Garden Club. The theme for the 2020-2021 school year is ‘Exploring Backyard Mysteries’. Students in kindergarten through ninth grade are encouraged to participate and share their poetic writing skills. Winners are named for each grade level.

Winning First Place for first grade is Breanna Lewis, age 7 years, with her poem entitled “What Are These Tracks?” Beckett McAllian received Honorable Mention for his poem entitled ‘Baby Bun-Bun’. Breanna’s poem also received First Place honors for the Garden Club Federation of Maine (state level). Breanna and Beckett’s poems are below:

What Are These Tracks?
By Breanna Lewis

One Day I was playing outside.
I saw some tracks.

The tracks had big prints on the back and little prints on the front.

The tracks led me to the woods.

The tracks were bunnies. Two baby bunnies, one mommy bunny, and a daddy bunny.

The mystery was solved.

Baby Bun-Bun
By Beckett McAllian

Long floppy ears,
Soft fluffy tail.

Footprints in the snow.

Little brown bunny,

Hop, Hop, Hop,

Where did you go?

Two other students from Trenton Elementary School received recognition for their poems. Finn Monahan, grade 2, and his sister Nayeli Monahan, grade 4, both submitted winning poems for the Youth Poetry Contest. Their poems won First Place for both the Bar Harbor Garden Club and the Garden Club Federation of Maine. Their special poems are below:

The Hole
By Finn Monahan

A sunny afternoon, walking by my colorful garden,

I found a black hole.

Looking in, I saw a little green thing with a touch of yellow on top.

What is it? I got a shovel and started digging.

It was a poor, lonely flower, droopy, and its petals were falling off. It needed a home.

I took it to my rainbow garden where the sun was shining.

It is now a happy and strong buttercup.

The Busy Collector
By Nayeli Monahan

In my backyard there is a dark, rich emerald-green tree with a hue of yellow at the top.

It makes a satisfying awning to all those who pass by.

Here, the squirrel with his brilliant stripes of every shade of brown nibbles his treasured nuts and perhaps buries the next tree here and there.

His nifty little paws find the best place to hide his nuts, so his greedy neighbors won’t find them.

He halts his busy work. I wonder what he is thinking now.


Fourth Grader Excels in Youth Sculpture Contest

Nayeli Monahan, a fourth grader at Trenton Elementary School, shared her talent in the Youth Sculpture Contest sponsored by the Bar Harbor Garden Club. Nayeli described her sculpture:

“A girl is sleeping under the stars. An owl looks on from a great white pine. The sculpture is best viewed in dim lighting so the viewer can see the lit-up stars in the night sky.”

Nayeli’s creative work was made from reused tissue paper, a repurposed decorative pine cone, reused Christmas LED lights, popsicle sticks, scrap paper, paper jewelry box, and a few other common household materials. Nayeli’s sculpture won First Place honors from the Bar Harbor Garden Club and the Garden Club Federation of Maine.

All photographs courtesy of the Bar Harbor Garden Club.

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